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Drew has a thing for May in flannel shirts.  She doesn’t wear them often because she only owns like one or two, but sometimes when it’s laundry day she pulls out her ratty old flannel shirt and wears it half-buttoned as she sleepily tries to wash a months worth of laundry in a day.  May finds Drew is always especially affectionate on days like that.

May lazily putting on one of his flannel shirts that’s still on the floor from last night in the morning when she wakes up to go eat breakfast


* by 墨筆狼

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How many flarebustershipping stories and headcanons do you currently have?

I think I’ve written a couple Flarebuster drabbles, but not much more than that!

May I suggest tac3 has something to do with teams aqua and magma?

This is like two years away from now lol.

One Gifset Per Outfit → Haruka wearing the Beautifly Dress.


me each time I see this screenshot…. nah honestly, it will be the cutest tutorial in the history of video games! >:o