One time when Dawn, Zoey, Kenny, and Nando are all hanging out together, Zoey brings up Kyle. Nando’s all confused and he’s like ‘wait who’s Kyle?’ and damn, the kids are all tripping over each other trying to tell Nando their best ‘douchebag Kyle story’.



sketches from my sketchbook
Iris & Kibago; Arty & Kurumiru

Iris looks so sweet in your style! Arty looks cool too. <3

Cilan’s Pansage is the most adorable thing, he’s just so derpy and cute and I love him.

I mean

just look at that face and tell me he’s not precious.


Double -H (mawaru penguindrum parody)

Double - H

H - aruka
H- ikari  

:>  If you watched Mawaru PenguinDrum will understand the parody :P