Chili asking Cilan within six months of them dating, “Are you gonna marry her yet???” 

And Cilan’s just like, “ChiLI” 

Imagine when Cilan finally says “yes,” though.


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Everyone is posting cute Wishful things and I’m just crying because I’ve been working on TAC II for like 82 days in a row


cilan and iris go ice skating.  cilan is surprisingly well balanced while Iris is terrified to have any inch of her skin even touch the ice.  he holds her up the entire time.  she could really be good at it if she tried, but neither of them want to let go of each other, really


Cilan and Iris holding hands while they walk.

Iris leans her cheek towards Cilan for a kiss when he’s walking out the door.

Cilan scooting down the bed and curling his legs so he can lie his head down on Iris’ stomach.

Cilan spending an entire afternoon braiding Iris’ hair just bc.

Iris buying fancy monogrammed cooking utensils for their first wedding anniversary (“er.. I know it’s supposed to be paper or something… but here”)


Cilan bending down to tie Iris’ shoelaces.  Iris rolling her eyes.  Cilan blushing.  Iris kissing him on the forehead because he’s lower than her now.  Cilan blushing again.  Iris smirks.  that’s it.  that’s all it takes to make my heart go flyhing through the window


Brendan and May from Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Will ink, color, and shade soon. Thanks for looking.




Iris pursed her lips and squinted up at the ceiling, “do you think Arceus really created the universe?”

She heard his swivel chair turn as he faced her but she kept her eyes focused on ceiling.  He was watching her expression carefully as he worked through his response, 

"Well… that is what most textbooks say.  Just because it’s a legend, doesn’t mean it technically can’t be true."

"Yeah but you don’t believe in legends."

He was expecting this.

"I believe our universe exists in two planes, time and space.  Dialga and Palkia created time and space, and Arceus created Dialga and Palkia, so by law of syllogism I have to believe that Arceus did in fact create the universe."

Iris scrunched up her nose in confusion.  ”I don’t get it.”

"Well say Rule A is that Dialga and Palkia created Time and Space, respectively.  Rule B is that Arceus created the Dialga and Palkia.  Finally, Rule C is that Arceus created the universe.  This is all operating under the assumption that the Universe was created at the intersection of time and space.  Thus, if Rule A is true, and Rule B is true, then Rule C must be true."

The frown lines on her face were increasing, and Cilan strangely didn’t feel like talking anymore, he just wanted to reach over and smooth out all the lines with his hands, so she could look happy and serene again.

"Well," she said after a long time, "none of that could be true.  We don’t have any proof Arceus created Dialga and Palkia.  In fact, we, as in you and I, don’t have any proof that Dialga and Palkia created Time and Space either, so without any empirical data, none of this could be true at all."

Cilan chuckled fondly at her realization.  ”Yes you’re right.”  He pressed his fist against his cheek as he leaned his elbow on the edge of the desk.  ”Are you saying we should go and collect this data by ourselves?”

Her eyes grew wide all of a sudden.  They flitted around excitedly as if she could actually see an adventure unfolding in front of them, her hands clutched at the sheets on the bed, bunching them up in excitement.

"Could we?"

Cilan wasn’t entirely sure, but every single fiber of his being was screaming yes.  Anything is possible with you.