My LGS children headcanon: The two boys are twins and are mischievous little devils. Leaf strictly disciplines them. Gary does too when Leaf's there, but when she's not he lets them get away with whatever and sometimes even encourages their schemes.



So, this isn’t as grand as I hoped it to be but, I’m still hoping you like it!!!!! Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you togapibyakuya!!!!!!!! I’m so immensely glad we met through the rp and that we became friends because of that!!! You’re so unbelievably cool and kind and self-confident that I’m just really amazed sometimes. I know I say this way too often but you honestly deserve the whole world and more because you’re really just an amazing and fantastic person all around!!!! Sorry for being cheesy as usual but, I’m just so so glad we’re friends and you better be having the best birthday you can have because that’s the bare minimum you deserve!!! 

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Rival Destines- Miguel Castanon//All of Me- John Legend//If You Wonder- Jeff Bernat//Take Me Home- Cash Cash Feat. Bebe Rexha//I Do Not Love You- Ron Pope//Never Stop- Safetysuit//Thunder- Boys like Girls//Everything- Michael Buble//Truly Madly Deeply- Savage Garden//Our Song- Ron Pope//Crazy for this Girl- Evans and Jaron//Turning Page- Sleeping at Last//You’ll Be In My Heart- Phil Collins//Science and Faith- The Script//All About Us- He is We feat. Owl City//Perfect Two- Auburn//Iris- The Goo Goo Dolls//Loving you is Easy- Chris August//It’s Always You and Me- Neal Coomer and Kathryn Raio

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a rough sketch that was inspired by that last post and all of the wishfulshipping happening today


sample writing excerpt from possible new fanfiction


“It’s weird it’s like I…” Zoey let the words hang on her tongue a little longer, “like I can’t go back to my old self, anymore.”

Candice furrowed her eyebrows bemusedly.  “Obviously, ZoZo.  Nobody can.”

“No but I mean, whoever I was before… it’s like that persona has completely escaped my body.”  She sat up straight in her chair and leaned forward for another slice of pizza.

Candice watched her curiously.  “You have changed,” she mused, watching Zoey carefully keep the melting edges of cheese from falling off.  “You’re certainly cleaner than before, and much more articulate.”  Zoey took a bite and sat back.  Her eyes seemed to sink back into her skull, like her entire being was retreating within itself.

Candice closed the box and placed the leftovers in the counter.  Before she turned off the light Zoey called out.

“-wait!”  She huffed impatiently, “that’s it?  You don’t have anything else to say?”

Candice’s smile developed the first signs of a frown.  “I’m sorry, but no.”  Not this time.

In TAC, have Serena, Clemont and Bonnie met anyone else from the group besides Ash? I ask because I notice you mentioned in chapter 1 there was kind of a division between the TAC crew and the Unova rivals. I'm just curious as to who's met whom. I understand if this would be a spoiler.

The Kalos group know of Ash’s other friends, and Ash’s other friends know of the Kalos group, but no one has met.

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whats your opinion on ships for max? he seems to get ignored in the shipping realm, which makes logical sense, given his age during the anime. i know some fans ship him with tracey or misty b/c of how he idolized the two but also apparently harley/max is a thing which is kinda funny b/c of the dynamic (ie, how pissed may would be) but idk. i love max but i find him hard to ship and tend to stray away from it

I don’t really ship him with anyone. Bonnie and Max is kind of cute, though?

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I'm curious, does Kenny still have feelings for Dawn in TAC II?

Interesting question. It’s been seven years, so he’s largely moved on, but that isn’t to say he couldn’t be pulled back in.