You make me so happy. Never stop doing what you do.

There’s nothing that makes me happier than making other people happy. Thank you.

I remember sitting awake at 5 a.m. in the blue light of my living room, not having slept for more than a day, but I couldn’t, because I had a story unfolding at my fingertips—and I thought to myself, with adrenaline running in my blood, “This is it. I can do this; I can do this again.” And I couldn’t wait to share it, because there’s nothing more I love than telling stories.

And I still can’t wait, despite the feelings of dread pooling in my stomach and the air constricting my chest, but it’s more exciting now, because it’s close. It’s so close.


I actually have a headcanon that Ursula is way into fitness and general conditioning because she believes that a Coordinator must be just as fit and athletic as their own Pokemon, so here she is in the middle of a morning jog.

Lu, I just read It Started With A Toothbrush and promptly dissolved into a puddle of emotions; you've managed to ruin me in less than 850 words. (IT'S SO CUTE I CAN'T HANDLE IT)


i just wanted to let you know the the ash connection literally ruined my life. i have read it maybe six times now and i constantly talk about it to my boyfriend who probably knows the entire plot by heart at this point. also, you are why i write pokemon fanfiction and you are everything i could ever hope to be in a writer. thanks for existing!

I’m a life-ruiner. Thank you omg

Hacking into accounts and posting private photos and information from personal conversations is gross and shameful; don’t support that behavior and disassociate yourself from people who do.