i have drawn so many dawns that it took me a while to find this and upload it 8^(


distortion world! reason why platinum is better than diamond and pearl ha ha

Hi so in TAC Drew and his father both drink their coffee black and that just gives me unexpected but major feelings and basically I guess what I'm trying to say is the effort and detail you put into this book, whether intentional or unintentional (intentional -- I'm thinking Gary's foreshadowing or like Leaf's G-men ID)...I just can't. thank you for being super.

It’s the little things that matter, I think.



I’m starting to get worried that we’re gonna be pulling an AG and Ash won’t end up with a rival in XY eehhh…

I’m worried because Tierno seems like he’ll be reoccurring, but not a main rival. He’ll have influence over Ash and we’ll see him again probably, but Tierno’s not interested in gym battles and ultimately won’t be a main rival because of it.

I think that Serena isn't Göring to ben a coordinator. She is in pokevision.

I think whatever Serena does, it will be partially based on ORAS contests, so that counts in my book.

Shout-out to HeSeesYouWhenYou’reSleepingShipping (Conway & Santa Claus) and ComingOutOfTheClausetShipping (Harley & Santa Claus) for making me cough up a lung from laughing so hard.

FestiveAmourshipping might be one of my new favorite ships, because it’s literally the same as Amourshipping except Santa’s there in some kind of weird threesome that probably includes dildos with jingle bells attached to them.

AndrewsShipping - Ash & Misty (assumes that Ash & Misty are long-lost siblings)

Okay then.